Let’s get old

Do you know Iris Apfel? If you do, good for you. If you don’t, shame on you dear reader. If there’s one person on this planet that’s worth knowing, it’s Iris. Aged 95, she’s nothing of what we expect of a 95-year-0ld. She debunks all of the prejudices we have about old people and battles our fears of getting old. Looking at Iris, getting old can make you cool, very cool. In a world filled with people using our fears to acquire power, it’s good to have somebody showing us that at least on of our fears is total nonsense- as long as you enjoy life.

Iris is one of seemingly few elderly women still making most of life. With her impeccable style and her archive of jewellery and fashion built up over several decades, she got noticed by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts a few years ago. They offered her an exhibition. And now, Iris is famous. Her fame opened up doors for elderly men and women like her, to be in the spotlights.

Ari Seth Cohen has done a wonderful job giving these people a platform on his website Advanced Style. His contribution to mankind through social media is one of the very few I highly endorse. Not only does he give these amazing men and women the chance to shine and feel like they are part of a fast paced world again, but he gives us, adolescents, the realest and most positive role models imaginable. Here we see men and women proud of who they are, what they look like, how they live and happy to enjoy life and take it as it comes. They couldn’t care less about dieting and conventions, and mostly, they couldn’t care less about what other people think. These people are the ones we should look up to, not brainless models or ‘lifestyle guru’s’ telling us that everything we do and how we look is wrong.

Ever since Iris made an entrance into my life, I haven’t been afraid of getting older, the mental ageing as well as the physical ageing. She has shown me how wonderful one is at every moment of ones life- and the beauty maybe even gets to its climax at Iris’ age. I love Iris. I thank her every day for being a real role model to me, one who tells me life is to be enjoyed and not highlights everything that’s wrong with it.

Thank you Iris.




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